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The Association of Biotechnology and Life Science (ABLF) is a professional body where Researchers, Scientist, and Engineers meet to exchange views and information, to learn and share ideas. The wide spectrum of members is committed to the advancement of the theory and practice of Medical Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Plant and Agricultural Biotechnology, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Bioresource, Ecology and Environment, Life Sciences, Food and Industrial Biotechnology, Artificial Organs, Biocatalysis, Biochemistry and Biochemical Engineering, Bioeconomy, Bioelectrical and Neural Engineering, Bioenergy and Biofuels and related sciences.

In order to create value to its members, the association has planned various schemes and some of them include:

Discount on registration fee (generally 10-20%) for all the International Conferences conducted by ABLF.
ABLF members can apply and avail 50% discount on fee for any training courses as and when the announcement is made.
ABLF promotes and provides financial support for research work in contemporary areas in Civil, Geology, Transportation, Offshore Structures, Environmental Engineering, Irrigation, Hydraulics, Systems science and Engineering.
ABLF Member Institution can opt for a Research Group, wherein the Institution membership for that group is FREE.
ABLF also publishes number of International Journals. Preference (on printing) will be given to ablf Members whose papers are selected for publications.
Absolutely free e-access to all the Conference Proceedings and Journals published by the ABLF. ABLF will fund and helps to organize high quality Technical International Conferences.

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